Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yesterday, over 100 years ago

On December 12, in 1903 and in 1910, two great recording artists and performers died two untimely deaths. When both of them died, it ended lives that had too much potential for such an early demise.

Frank P. Banta, Edison's great pianist, and wonderful composer died on December 12, 1903, at the young age of 33

Frank C. Stanley(respectively William Stanley Grinsted) the wonderful bass singer of his day died on December 12, 1910, at the young age of 42.

His rare Bass voice shall live on forever, and bless the descendants of mister Grinsted(which I know there are some out there)...

here is one of the only records where these two greats are together, Banta is on organ here:

*I want to thank "Ragtime"Bill Edwards for the great and unique picture of Banta shown here!

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