Sunday, December 28, 2014

Danny Quinn the Ragtimer!

I had a few of my dear close friends over at my house for a yearly tradition we call "Crabsmas" which is held on boxing day. We have a few people over and feast on Crab and clam chowder, and open presents.
So one of the guests we had over was Richard Hadlock, and I've known him for years, since I was very young. So I've had many geeky conversations with him about early Victor records and cylinders(he has direct connections to Victor's earliest years), but one we had two days ago truly blew my mind. I drew a commissioned cartoon involving Dan W. Quinn, as he hadn't seen a picture of Quinn before. So when his wife(Ruth) asked about Quinn, Richard replied," Dan W. Quinn was a famous Vaudeville performer and pianist in the early twentieth century." Right when he said "pianist" that struck me, I almost interrupted him in asking, "Pianist? I knew he was somewhat of a pianist." Richard then goes on to say that he may be playing piano on some of the many records he made, even his Victors! That astounded me! I knew that he played piano, wrote some music that was eventually published and that he was a quick sight reader, much like the west coast Ragtimer Tom Brier. I couldn't have ever thought that Dan W. Quinn could be playing piano on several of his records! But since I heard of this, I have been listening to Quinn's records and I am certainly convinced! It makes sense. If you listen to some of Quinn's records compared to some by other artists, you may notice(if you've got a good enough ear) that the piano playing and style is a little different compared to the pianistic style of Fred. Hylands, Frank P. Banta, and C. H. H. Booth.
                                       I can imagine this man as a pianist. What d'ye think?

I hope all you geeks enjoyed this!

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