Monday, December 15, 2014

A Very Progressive day!

This has been a VERY progressive day for me on my Fred. Hylands research(hard to believe since I've got finals at school this week...), all due to a wonderful long e-mail I received a few hours ago from "Professor" Bill Edwards. I just thank him with all my heart for what he did! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! He not only furthered my notes, but helped me on my paper of notes I'm doing for my seminar next year at the West Coast Ragtime festival. I took in it all! And many of the things that I predicted were indeed proved true, they are no longer theories. He also sent me a very great picture of Hylands from a newspaper dated 1909(it's a bit hard to see, but Mr. Edwards fixed it up as best he could):
Just for those music geeks out there(which I'm hoping all of you are!) here's the other one I have on my computer of Hylands just to do a comparison:
not much of a difference if you ask me...

(again, THANK YOU SO MUCH "Professor" Bill Edwards!!!!)
(Also, thank you Rae Ann, i know you're reading this at some point)

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