Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another installment of Hylands Spencer and Yeager

Just within the last hour, "Professor" Bill Edwards sent me an e-mail that got me very far in the whole Hylands Spencer and Yeager deal. I'm really pulling these three together very well:
you know who...
(mind you, this is from much later than when he was a publisher)
since I have been digging deep into these three, they are now potential subjects of my next seminar, only because they were a very odd group of minds who worked as one(kind of) for a little less than a year in the last year of the nineteenth century. You can clearly see this, they were quite an odd-looking trio of "piano men" who all had differed expertise in the music business. One was a piano master, one was an alright pianist  and composer, and the last was a singer and later a piano salesman and piano roll dealer. 

Merry Chirstmas ev'ryone!


  1. Hello. I have a letter from Harry Yeager to Bessie Fennell. I am interested in finding out more about their relationship. She was a Ziegfild Follies girl from 1906 - 1910 and was known as "The Girl With Three Dimples." I would love to share the information I have with you. I also am interested in finding anything about "Baby Edna."
    Thank you,
    Jamee Schleifer

    1. I would be honored to get the information you've got! I'm now very fascinated! I have never heard of this association before!
      Do tell me!