Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rare Cards of mine!

I also have collected some Cabinet cards and original photographs over the last few years and what I've got it really cool!
      Here's what I have:
        Some of you may know who this is right off, but to those who don't get it right away, this is indeed "The March King" John Philip Sousa, without his trademark glasses! I learned not long after i got this that the company who took this photo was a very prestigious company who was very rather famous in the late 1880s to 1890s. This must have been taken in c.1889, just by how it looks.
           Here's the back, showing the company's logo:

      I'm sure all of you Ragtimers will know who this is, this is "The Ragtime Kid" Brun Campbell. When I got this picture, I thought it was awesome, I didn't have an original of Campbell.

BUT! I didn't realize what this really was until I flipped it over...
Autographed! and signed out to the owner of Riverside records! "S. Brun Campbell", I love it!

Now this next one is a little bit of a stretch, very few will know what this one is:
Most of you who don't know what this is will think that this is from "The King and I" but really it's DeWolf Hopper and Della Fox in their 1891 production of Wang which is somewhat similar to that, but is more of an early burlesque musical set in Siam. I love this card, only because you get an odd image of the man who popularized Edward Thayer's "Casey at the Bat". Also because I have often heard that the Coon Song singer Arthur Collins was in this show(somewhat surprising...) in 1891 and 92, so it's good to get an idea of what Collins would have worn in this show.

I hope you enjoyed these!


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  2. Well, my good man, I have an autograph of his in one of my books luckily. And I do thank you for the idea, as I would be glad to bring up a post on Mr. Collins.
    I really appreciate the comment!