Thursday, December 11, 2014

Different Takes, 1898

       I just listened to these two cylinders which, to how they sound, were recorded on the same day, they were just different takes. They are COMPLETELY different and  Hylands is obviously on piano. I know that everyone has heard these before, but has anyone ever really listened to the piano behind George W. Johnson? (both of these were recorded in 1898)

here's the better version(in my opinion) where Hylands is playing heavy Ragtime the ENTIRE cylinder: (this is a playlist, so the first one listed is the one I'm talking about)

Here's the second one(the alternate take with the record company mentioned). So on this one Hylands completely MESSES UP the end of the cylinder, but he's killing the piano though!(he's not syncopating the entire cylinder though :-(
      (this is also a playlist, so the one I'm speaking here is the second one listed, really listen to how Hylands plays at the end of the cylinder!)
     I must warn you, his tempo changes are slightly jarring.

I hope you've really studied these great examples of Frederic Hylands' piano style!
They're truly great unrealized pieces!

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