Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finally! Picture of Fred Hylands!

As I was digging through some more sheet music on the internet this morning, I stumbled across a piece of sheet music that had this image on it:
     You may or may not know why I was just hysterical when I found this. IT'S A PICTURE OF THE PIANIST FRED HYLANDS!(he's the seated one here, obviously...) I had my art pretty spot on! I do have to go back an fix some things though, but it's so odd that I can often guess how many of these performers look and get SO close or perfect on how I draw them. One of the many interesting things about this picture is that Hylands is in blackface! I didn't know he was a full on minstrel man, I just thought he was a pianist, Ragtime performer, and a musical director.

        He really does look like Len Spencer, I can see why the two became immediate friends...

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