Monday, January 5, 2015

toying around with pictures

I discovered something new to-day that can help me "clean up" these wonderful rare images I have buried in my computer.
I have been having so much fun "cleaning up" these images! I wanted to showcase a handful of them with the originals. If anyone is a collector or making a youtube video, you may use these.
this is the original of this:

After my clean up: 

Original image: 
It is a great picture though, I did think it was a little bit faded, however.
here's the clean up of it:
This picture of Byron G. Harlan was taken around 1917.
(This one cleaned up VERY nicely!)
this next one is another picture of Edward M. Favor, this one was taken in c.1893
original image:
cleaned up:

(it looks unreal!)
the next one is an image that most record collectors have seen before, of Len Spencer that is. 
Look at how it looks after I"worked" on it!
Original image: 
cleaned up:

really brings out his black hair, and strands of gray. 
The next one is again a picture of Mr. Spencer, and it's one that all you have seen before if you somewhat follow my blog.
here's the original:
the clean up:
it looks sharper, not faded, and his eyes look even more menacing!
the next one is also a picture I have used before, but I seriously thought that it could be fixed and look great, so here's it.
cleaned up:

I made it look more to Mr. Quinn's liking, I'm sure he would like it more. 
This next one is one that you've all seen before, but looked somewhat better after I did some work on it. 
cleaned up:

it now looks like it came from the cover of sheet music!
(that may be what it's from, but i'm unsure...)
the next one is Dan W. Quinn again, but a good one!
clean up:

it just outlines his face better, and I prefer that these pictures look like they came from sheet music or newspapers, just my own opinion. 
the last one involves a character I have not mentioned on this blog before, Mr. Frank S. Mazziotta, who was one of Columbia and Edison's few piccolo players, in their house orchestras. 
original(from a page from The Phonoscope):
cleaned up:
this one looks fantastic! I couldn't believe how it looked after I fixed it. 
I did dozens more, but I do not wan to hog up the entire page with this one post, so this is all I want to show for now. I may do some more later. 
Do Tell me which one you think cleaned up the best!
I hope all a' ya enjoyed these!

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