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As the years have gone by in my interest in this world of recording artists and Vaudevillians, i have come up with my own nicknames for everyone, even more than one for some! These "nicknames" have been given by me as considering stories i've heard about them or things that they did either on stage or in the recording studio.

Starting with George Graham, who was one of Berliner's exclusive monologists who recorded for a few years and then completely disappeared from recording within ten years. 
My "nickname" for George Graham is:

"Berliner's Drunk"
(in an earlier post, I explained this whole story...)

His exact birthdate is unknown, but my best guess is that he may be from about 1860, though I could be wrong. He just sounds like he's older and from the Mid-west when I hear any of his records...

The next one here is one that all of you record collectors will know, Mister Byron G. Harlan. 
This nickname however, I did NOT make up myself. I have the exact picture from sheet music that I used for this:

Mr. Harlan was called "The Western Tenor" in the 1890's.
(I took this picture myself and I own the sheet music that this is from)
just for "shits and giggles" I will show you this piece of sheet music that also has Harlan on the cover, but look at dat publisher!!!You all know who that publisher is...

The next one i will mention is our dear Ragtimer Dan W. Quinn, the nickname(s) I have given him are "Columbia's vanity fair" and "The Vaudeville Dandy". I think you can all figure out why I call him that on occasion.

 "The Vaudeville Dandy" Himself in 1896 or 97

The next one I will showcase is our dear "Indiana Ragtimer" Mister Fred. Hylands. I also call him "Rag-Time Freddy" on occasion, and if you're a follower of my blog, you recognize that name. 

"The Indiana Ragtimer" or as Russell Hunting called him, "The Heavyweight Piano Artist"
(I drew this a few days ago by the way)

Now for a name that I don't think I've mentioned on this blog, Jay M. Roberts(1890-1932) who was an Oakland Born pianist and Composer who played at the worlds fair in SF in 1915 and got kicked out of the city for a BIG drug-bust the next year. He was a true San Francisco Icon who should be more recognized in the world of West Coast Ragtimers. 

"The San Francisco Dandy" is what I call him.

There he is. Looks innocent right? WRONG!!!!
(I own the piece of sheet music this was taken from, but I did not take the picture myself)
I have dozens of nicknames for everyone, but I cannot put them all together in one post, so this is my final one, you all know who it is if you follow my blog somewhat. 
Len Spencer. 
I have several names for him, but I have chosen one to focus on here. 

"Columbia's poor Workhorse" is what I call him. 
the nicknames that I call Mr. Spencer are: 
"Two Faced Len" 
"Columbia's White Coon"
"One eye Spencer"
"The experimentalist"
That's all I can recall at the moment, but you get the point. 
(By the way, I drew that picture of Spencer)

                 I hope you enjoyed these!

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