Monday, January 19, 2015

Len's invention, 1899

I wonder if anyone can find the original patent for this?

Anyhow, finding this little thing in The Phonoscope, was pretty surprising to me, I didn't know that Spencer was an inventor before I found this. So this machine must have been really interesting to fathom, it's not particularly a sound+ film machine, and it's not just a coin phonograph, so i don't know what to call it. But it's nothing short of genius, and nothing different for Spencer I'm sure. The boys at Columbia must have had a great time with Spencer when he unveiled this thing(this will be a scene in my novel by the way!). He must have had to explain the rather odd concept of this machine, which to what it described in the section above, I think that this picture below kind of represents it: 
(the guy kinda looks like Steve Porter!)
But like I always do, I also did a piece of art to represent the thing, with its inventor of course! 
pretty similar heh? 
Alright, so Spencer must have had some real inspiration to make up this oddity. What i'm wondering is if any of these machines survive to tis date(which I slightly doubt). But this whole inventor thing wasn't uncommon among these eccentric recording artists, as Steve Porter was an inventor, but was in the 1920's. Spencer must have wanted to improve the process of the "Phonograph Parlors", so he must have taken apart a machine and figured out how to make something better of it. And after experimenting with this, Len and brother Harry must have also experimented with early sound film, as Harry had lots of experience in the film business and all of it's gadgets. And Len could fit things together and take them apart if needed. And if the boys at Columbia ever put a major film event together, you bet that Hylands would be playing the piano, and the Spencer brothers would be operating the sounds effects!(also planning to have this scene in my novel)

I hope you enjoyed this! 

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