Thursday, October 23, 2014

This publisher shown above, only lasted for a single year, 1899. The three last names may be slightly recognizable to collectors of brown wax Columbia cylinders(very few Edison's), the names of these three are: Frederic Hylands, Len Spencer, and Harry Yeager.  Fred Hylands is just a great big mystery in the world of Brown wax cylinder collectors, as he is mentioned a great amount of times in Russell Hunting's magazine The Phonoscope. There(to my knowledge) isn't a photograph of Mr. Hylands anywhere, though one could be floating around out in the wild of record and sheet music collections, which is rather unfortunate, because he was apparently a very heavy man with very strong piano hands and arms, as again according to The Phonoscope, that very powerful piano playing can easily be heard on the many Columbia brown wax cylinders he is on from around late-1896 to about 1900(not sure if he recorded any later than that...)

If anyone knows any more about Fred Hylands, do comment, I must try to learn as much as I can.

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