Thursday, October 23, 2014

I have my seminar for the West Coast Ragtime festival on the weekend prior to Thanksgiving all ready! it's about the two boys you see above, Arthur Collins(Right) and Byron G. Harlan(left), this photograph was taken in about 1919, judging by their age, and from other images of them I have seen before from about the same time.
spoiler alert: I have a surprise at the beginning of my seminar!
I hope all of the record and Ragtime people will be able to attend, I've already more than one person filming!


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    1. I did a post not too long ago where I put a good amount of information about Collins and I put one of his signatures I've seen from one of my record books. I will have to search around for the descendent of Collins that I spoke to a while back

    2. Oddly enough, a few of the supposedly many Len Spencer descendants live in Texas as well, but I will certainly dig deep in my files for the information the kind Collins descendent swapped with me. I have not yet had the chance to speak with the collectors and historians you mentioned, but I would love to speak with Messrs. Gracyk and Barna.