Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rare photographs of early recording artists and and vaudevillians:
the image above you see is a very early picture of a young Dan W. Quinn from around the beginning of his recording career, in c.1892-93.
this is the only full length photo of the Welsh Baritone J. W. Myers, this was taken in the late 1890's most likely, but the exact date I am unsure of.
this is one of the only two images of the famous Ragtime pianist Mike Bernard at the piano.This image is from a piece of sheet music, most likely taken by the date in 1910-11.
what you see above is four of the eight famous victor artists(all eight at this time consisted of: Henry Burr, Vess L Ossman, John Meyer, Billy Murray, Theodore Morse, Arthur Collins, Byron G. Harlan, and Albert Campbell) in this image, you see from left to right: John Meyer, Arthur Collins, Theodore Morse, Byron Harlan and the owner of the Victor store in which this photograph was taken. This is from April of 1917.
this is the EARLIEST photograph of the famous tenor and vaudevillian Edward M. Favor, taken when he was a fit young dancer at age 19 in 1875. He was at this time part of the song and dance duo "Favor and Shields" which was a prominent early vaudeville duo in the 1870's.
this is a very unusual photograph of Edward M. Favor and his wife Edith Sinclair
this image may have been back on my first post, but this one is a little different if you may notice, the graceful signature of Spencer can be slightly seen at the bottom of this, but it is very faded. This was taken in 1896, but was signed in 1900. You can almost see his "type A" personality on this one...
the two images seen above are details from a single photograph taken in 1900 with 42 of Edison's recording artists(but not all of them! there's quite a few missing) the first one has(left to right) Charles D'Almaine, George P. Watson, Dan W. Quinn and Harry MacDonough. The second image shows(left to right) Byron G. Harlan, Fred Hager, Arthur Collins, S. Holland Dudley(S. H. Dudley), W. C. Densing, and the woman sitting in front of them is "Senorita" Godoy. The full Image is shown below.
More small interesting details can be seen in the one below.

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