Friday, February 17, 2017

The Our Tattler Contest

After looking over some of the gems from Our Tattler in The Phonoscope, an idea struck me. How about a contest? 

With this, the contest of a sort will be a time to write the best and funniest mock sections from Our Tattler. Anyone is welcome to write a comical section, but I must lay out a few rules:

No Smut(by 1890's standards and modern standards)

Keep to historical accuracy!(please!)

Not all sections have to be on early recording stars, but ones that do are preferred. 

Shorter sections are preferred, since the best ones from the original column were usually three to four sentences, or even shorter. 

I will(as well as a few friends) will choose the best ones to put into a blog post, and set them next to the old ones for comparison. 

To get you all started(please don't let this just pass by! This could really turn into something fantastic!), here are a bunch of the best sections from Our Tattler as well as General News:

PLEASE send in some of these mock sections, and do this by commenting on this blog post, I will choose the best ones that are submitted and compile them into a post on Our Tattler. Again, PLEASE participate! This really would be a fantastic piece of commentary from us collectors, and a good way to get out and share our inside jokes and humor in a creative way. 

Please send some of these mock sections in! Make them funny for everyone!

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