Sunday, February 8, 2015

studio stories no.2, the piano and the pocketwatch

 a brief illustration of the first yarn dedicated in this post. 
This studio stories post is one of my favourites, this first one always makes me laugh! here is a comical description below:
from the May, 1897 issue of The Phonoscope
This story always not only gets a good laugh out of me, it surprises me every time.


Damn! You wouldn't usually think of moving an elevated piano in the first place, but think about it falling from four feet and knocking you flat on the floor! 

So the next yarn I want to share here is something that doesn't surprise me at all...
typical Len Spencer:
(from the August, 1898 issue of you know what)
makes sense.
This is typical Len Spencer for ya. Constantly having his mind in another place. This seemingly tiny little thing reveals a heap more about Spencer than you might think. I mean, really, read though it a few times and really piece it together.

 " see a lady friend..." hmm. kinda suspicious. 

But like I just mentioned, do that and you'll know what I mean. 
He was the most well-educated of any of the recording artists he knew, so what is said at the beginning is completely true, and I'm sure that things like this were a common spot for him, as his mind was all over the place, constantly flowing with ideas and music. I'm sure that his friends found these mistakes with him very amusing, as he did little foolish things like this often. 

I hope you enjoyed this! 

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