Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finds from yesterday evening

I was at a fellow record collector's house last night and he was kind enough to make some photocopies of the best pages from a Berliner catalog, and from a book that I WANT so badly. The catalog dates from 1898, because George P. Watson is listed, and he began to make Berliners in that year, and some Berliners from 1898 are listed, such as "Twin Star March" by the banjo duo Cullen and Collins, and that was recorded in 1898.
These are the great Images that I got from him:
explanitory. what's on it says all.
finally, a better image and clear image of George Graham!(he was pretty good looking guy, really)
George P. Watson, a yodeler on early records who is also in that picture of forty-two of Edison's recording artists, in the picture I believe that he is the one with his hand on Dan W. Quinn, with that queer look in his face. (also another good looking guy!)
a very early picture of the Vaudeville recording artist, almost always known on his early records as "Mister Porter", from the first year that he began his venture in the recording business, 1897. about two years before, he, Russell Hunting, and(very possibly) Harry Spencer experimented in the film business, but this venture probably didn't last long, as nothing else from there was ever documented. However, there is evidence that Harry Spencer stayed interested in the film industry until at least 1899, as in The Phonoscope Spencer is advertised as a purchasing agent of not only phonographs, but Kinetoscopes and the films themselves!

         And lastly, I want end with an image that I saw in a book last August but it haunted me until I saw it again last night. It is exactly what it looks like, Len Spencer at about age 24. If I can remember correctly, this is from that book called Lost Sounds which several of my record collector friends have, but I don't unfortunately. I found this page in the book and went "That's where this was from! I have been looking for this picture for over a year!" and I immediately started to read the book, and how it was captivating to me! I kept my friend waiting for a little too long reading this absolutely fascinating book...

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